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19.Dr. Daniel McCrum【10.12】Earthquake structural engineering analysis, design, testing and resilience


报告名称:Earthquake structural engineering analysis, design, testing and resilience

主讲人:Dr. Daniel McCrum, Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin

时间:2019年10月12日 10:00-11:00


·Seismic design, analysis and testing of cold formed steel structures

·Seismic retrofitting using shape memory alloys

·Combined cyber and physical threats to critical infrastructure


Dr McCrum graduated in 2005 from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland with a first-class honours degree in Civil Engineering. He then moved to Scotland and completed an MSc in Structural Engineering and Mechanics with Distinction from the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom in 2006. Dr McCrum's MSc scholarship was awarded by the Scottish Awards Agency Scholarship. Dr McCrum has worked as a consulting structural engineer for a couple of years in Dublin, Ireland. In 2008, he undertook his PhD studies in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland under an Irish Research Council Scholarship. The topic of his PhD was hybrid testing of steel plan irregular structures. Dr McCrum then joined Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom as a lecturer in 2012. In UCD 2017, Dr McCrum joined the School of Civil Engineering as an Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering. Dr McCrum is a chartered structural engineer with the Institution of Structural Engineers (2016) and a chartered engineer with Engineers Ireland (2012). Dr McCrum's research is concentrated on earthquake structural engineering, structural analysis and testing, advanced structural materials and the resilience of critical infrastructure to combined cyber and physical threats.


Dr. Daniel McCrum

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